Create a Custom Colour Palette using Inkscape

Screen shot of Inkscape window showing the colour palette location

NOTE 1: creating a custom colour palette in Inkscape requires writing a *.gpl file to the Program directory. Computers on campus will generally not allow you write to this directory and so any work you do will be lost unless:

  • After you create your colour palette, save the Inkscape file as MyColourPalette.svg. Now whenever you want to create a map, poster or other document with your custom colour palette, open this SVG file to use as a starting point for your current project.
  • If you create the palette on your own computer, where you have administrator privileges, it should be available to you through Inkscape as one of the standard palette options. (Windows -  C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\palettes)

NOTE 2: to illustrate the procedure, I will be using the Lakehead University Corporate colour palette (Lakehead University, 2016). As specified in the Lab assignment, you will be required to use a palette included in the Cartographer’s Toolkit: Colors, Typography, Patterns (Peterson, 2012) which is available in the GDC, RC2001.

Inkscape Colour Palette Video Tutorial


Lakehead University. 2016. Lakehead University Brand Guide Book: April 2016. Downloaded October 16, 2018 from

Peterson, G. N. 2012. Cartographer’s Toolkit: Colors, Typography, Patterns. PetersonGIS: Fort Collins, CO.