Download OSM data with QGIS

This video tutorial illustrates a process for creating Shapefiles, suitable for use in a variety of GIS applications, from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. OSM data is easy to access and has worldwide coverage. If you don't see features that you want to map in your area, OSM encourages you to go out and map these features for the benefit of all OSM users. The crowd-sourced nature of OSM has created a very rich web mapping experience. 

The video assumes that you have QGIS installed already. It's great that one of the best open source GIS applications available has built-in support for one of the best open source mapping platforms. QGIS, OSM and other sites mentioned in the video can be accessed using the links below:

  • QGIS -
  • OSM -
  • UTM zones for Google Earth -

Use QGIS to create shapefiles with OSM data