Geography 2215 – Drone Imagery

Title page to Flying Drones and Capturing Imagery: Tips, Tricks and Regulations

Drone Imagery Presentation - Part I

Click on the image or click here for an online version of the Flying Drones and Capturing Imagery - Part I presentation.

Supplementary Documents and Information

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) - click here
  • Amendments to CARs for drones (RPAS) - 2019 - click here
  • Small RPAS pilot knowledge requirements - click here
  • Is your drone operation Basic or Advanced? - click here
  • NAV CANADA  -NAV CANADA homepage with links to official weather products, NOTAMS and other flight planning information.
  • RPAS Flight Authorization Request for Advanced Operation in controlled airspace - click here
  • Take the small Basic Operations exam - click here

Drone Imagery Presentation - Part II

Click on the image on the right or click here for an online version of A Structure from Motion approach to image processing.

Supplementary Documents and Information

  • Westoby, et al. 2012. 'Structure-from-Motion' photogrammetry: A low-cost, effective tool for geoscience applications. Geomorphology. 179, 300-314. - Click here for a pdf copy
  • Visual SfM - a link to the website by the program author, Changchang Wu, by clicking here
  • UAV-Mapper - click here for another SfM application website.
  • Drone Deploy - click here for mobile app to capture and process drone imagery
  • Google Earth's Incredible 3D Imagery - click here for Google advertainment video. Has some excellent information about 3D image capture and processing.